The Jewish Federation Legal  Division
invites its Cabinet Members*
to a private viewing  of
Special Guest Speaker
E. Randol  (Randy) Schoenberg
  Tuesday, May 16,  2006
 Cocktails and Program 6:30 p.m. - 8 p.m.
 Private Viewing  8  p.m.
In the Directors Roundtable Garden/Brown  Auditorium
5905 Wilshire Boulevard
RSVP by May 12, 2006 to
Shannon Doyle Bell at (323)  761-8233
or SBell@JewishLA.org.
*Cabinet Members are Legal Division donors who have made
a gift  of $1,000 or more to the 2005 or 2006 Annual Campaign.
  THE STORY: In the early 1900’s, Adele and Ferdinand  Bloch-Bauer lived in the thriving cultural metropolis of Vienna. The  couple collected paintings by Gustav Klimt including two portraits  of Adele, one of which is now an “icon” in the world of 20th century  art. Sadly, in 1925, Adele died at the age of 43. In 1938, Ferdinand  fled Nazi-annexed Austria without the paintings. They were later  sold by a Nazi trustee and dispersed to several owners, including  the Austrian Gallery. After the war, these transactions were deemed  void, and the artworks were subject to restitution proceedings. In  his will, Ferdinand left his property to his niece, Maria Altmann  and two of her siblings. Until the late 1990’s, the Bloch-Bauer heirs (who had  migrated to North America) believed there was little they could do  to recover the lost paintings. But in 1998, Austrian laws changed  and Maria Altmann moved to recover the paintings. The case went  first to the U.S. Supreme Court and later to arbitration in Austria.  In January 2006, the arbitration panel decided that five of the  paintings should be returned to the heirs. We celebrate the return  of these incredible works of art to their rightful Jewish  owners. THE ATTORNEY: E. Randol (Randy)  Schoenberg is a Legal Division Cabinet Member and partner at Burris  & Schoenberg, LLP. He has litigated several prominent  Holocaust-related art cases, most notably the Republic of Austria v.  Altmann, in which he persuaded the U.S. Supreme Court that Maria  Altmann could sue Austria for the return of her family’s paintings.  He then agreed to arbitrate the dispute. THE EXHIBIT: This exhibition was  organized by the Los Angeles County Museum of Art and made possible  through the generosity of The Broad Art Foundation, the Office of  Los Angeles County Supervisor Zev Yaroslavsky, Lynda and Stewart  Resnick, Nancy and Dick Riordan, AT&T, Herta and Paul Amir,  Kathy and Frank Baxter, The Gordon Family Foundation, Ellen and  Andrew Hauptman, the Robert F. Maguire III Family, the Peter Norton  Family Foundation, Ted Slavin and Patricia Rubin, Terry and Lionel  Bell, Lee and Lawrence Ramer, and the Robert Gore Rifkind  Foundation. Special support for this exhibition was provided by  LACMA's Art Museum Council.
We wish to thank
Kroll, Inc.
for its generous sponsorship
which has made this event  possible.
John D. Hanover, Peckar  & Abramson

Jonathan H. Anschell,
Executive  Vice President & General Counsel,
CBS  Television

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